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For the first time in decades, 51% of Americans are Independents, more than Republicans and Democrats combined. *Gallop Poll

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President

Watch Podcasts from your favorite Influencers talking to Kennedy about his policies and life.


Kennedy’s plan prioritizes Americans’ basic needs over corrupt interests.
Kennedy will make it so that a house, a car, the daily groceries and a vacation are all affordable to every working American, just as they once were. Kennedy will bring back the great American middle class by taking back control from big corporations and big government. Kennedy's America will be one where work pays off and innovation and creativity thrive.


Kennedy will secure our southern border, provide legal, dignified paths to citizenship and stand up to the corrupt cartels that are subjecting people to cruelty.
Kennedy will secure the border on his first day in office, ending the chaos and hardship that an uncontrolled border has caused. Kennedy will replace the open border with common sense and humane legal migration policies.


Kennedy will end government corruption and bring transparency to the people.
Kennedy will reform the federal government so that public officials make a solid commitment to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. The Kennedy administration will be by and for the people. The corrupting influence of corporate lobbying will be a thing of the past.

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