What is the Kennedy Beacon?

Kennedy Beacon is the news-media arm of AV24, with a podcast and news media platform. We stand for free speech and open discourse, in particular in areas where we may disagree with you or others.

Why KB Matters: Well-Researched, Fact-Based Coverage

Our reporters cover current events and issues facing our nation today, including censorship, the environment and climate change, government and political corruption, and more. KB also provides accurate information on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. where he stands on issues that matter to this country, and on his run for the presidency.

Free Speech Respectful Debate

This platform promotes free speech. We are not censoring our journalists. We need to find out what we can and cannot write. Diverse points of view help people come to a clearer understanding of issues important to the future of their families, communities, nation, world, and planet.

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Community Guidelines

It’s easy to bully and troll those with whom you disagree. Not here. That’s not what we are doing here. No threats, harassment or other abusive online behavior is allowed.

In the Battle for this Nation’s Soul and Democracy, a voice like the Beacon matters.