Only Kennedy Can Beat Trump

Only Kennedy Can Beat Trump
Blake Fleetwood | June 30, 2024

By Blake Fleetwood, The Kennedy Beacon

The Democrats are in panic mode. President Biden’s train wreck performance in the CNN debate – he stumbled, mumbled, and was incoherent – has convinced many of them that Biden cannot beat Trump, the uber-evil, in a close campaign.

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In a definitive coup de grace, The New York Times Editorial Board called for Biden

A Times focus group featured on the editorial pages today found that all 12 participants saw the two major parties “as largely the same: fight on behalf of the elites, out for themselves.”

The focus group participants described Kennedy as “Truly Independent,” “Principled, “Anti-establishment,” and “Outcast.”

When asked to describe Trump some used words like, “A-hole, Evil, Charismatic, Bombastic, Incompetent, Arrogant, Undisciplined, and Senile.”

Kennedy will attract the Republican “Never Trump” votes and win a majority among independents, the largest voting bloc. If no replacement is made, he will also capture all the Democratic voters. He will bring voters together.

He will attract voters who are concerned about rampant immigration, those who worry about the endless wars and the money we are spending to conduct them, and those who are worried about our “money printing machine,” which leads directly to higher prices.

The logic is irrefutable, but will the Democratic party listen? Do they really want to win? They have until August 19, the date when the Democratic convention begins in Chicago.

The underlying problem, as one person in the Times focus group said, is that the Democratic Party has been captured by the corporate elite, and despite their Trump hatred, democratic politicians may not be able to turn against the monied class that supports them.

Kennedy is dangerous to them. He vows to completely change everything.

But winning trumps everything. Kennedy’s simultaneous shadow livestream debate on X attracted 9.2 million viewers.

How did we get here? For over a year, Democrat’s campaign efforts have been framed as a fight to “save democracy.”

This means, in practical terms, that they never were so pro-Biden as they are Trump haters.

They considered Trump an existential threat to America and that unqualified support for President Biden was the only way to stop this terrible autocrat.

This rationale justified all the anti-democratic tactics they employed against any Biden opponent, especially Kennedy. They blocked him in the early primaries, cheated him out of the debate, orchestrated one hit piece about him after another, denied him Secret Service protection, and are continuing to sue him over legal minutiae in effort to defeat his successful ballot access drive.

Through all this, Kennedy has been resilient.

As Biden’s implosion continues to send ripples of fear throughout the Democratic Party, it’s time for voters on both sides of the aisle to listen to what Kennedy has actually been saying — not what the DNC’s high-paid attack dogs have fed the press — and spread the word.

Blake Fleetwood was a reporter for The New York Times and has written for The New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Daily News, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Village Voice, Atlantic, and the Washington Monthly. Blake can be reached at Read more at:

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