Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Belongs On The Debate Stage

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Belongs On The Debate Stage
American Values 2024 | June 25, 2024


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaks To A Crowd At The Lincoln Memorial

Despite his increasing popularity, the strategy to marginalize Robert F. Kennedy Jr. prevails. His exclusion from the presidential debates confirms the ongoing contrivance to limit the impact of his candidacy.

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The Biden team’s ploy to marginalize Kennedy demonstrates their desperation to avoid responding to the key elements of his platform. At the core of personal attacks is the pretense that the entire Kennedy family is unified in supporting Biden’s re-election.

In rehashing this falsehood, the Biden campaign is exploiting the Kennedys. The president’s handlers have organized photo-ops and events where members of the Kennedy clan have declared their preference for the incumbent. This ruse of undivided backing flies in the face of reality.

There are individuals in the Kennedy lineage who support or work for President Biden. However, it is absurd to claim that there is a general endorsement from this multigenerational extended family with diverse opinions. And certainly, no member can speak for the political preferences of every Kennedy — particularly in an election year.

In direct contradiction to this charade, RFK Jr. has family members working on his behalf, including his daughter-in-law as campaign manager. Yet for Biden’s publicity machine, promoting a blatant myth and convincing the public that he has no standing among his relatives is seemingly a high priority.

The scheme also implies that Biden is aligned with the noble aims of past Kennedy family politicians. This is a ludicrous assertion.

The leadership and wisdom of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy had a major influence on the United States. Their perspective and policies often conflicted with corporate America and the military establishment. Most Americans remain respectful of their legacies.

RFK Jr. succinctly describes how there is little resemblance between the priorities of the current White House and those of his father and uncle. The angry personal denunciations coming from the Biden camp are designed to distract from his relentless criticism of the ethical degradation of corrupt politics in Washington.

The Democrats prefer that the public ignore Kennedy precisely because he raises the specter of undue corporate manipulation of government. It is no surprise that Biden is desperate to avoid debating this issue, considering his long association with the banking industry and his oversight of an administration that seems to have sweetheart relationships with the world’s largest corporations.

If he were allowed to debate, Mr. Kennedy would also broach the continuing intimacies between the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA — and the sweetheart relationship between the Pentagon and military contractors. The Biden campaign doesn’t want them discussed.

These critical issues are driving public cynicism about government — and they are important topics for consideration. But instead of hearing about them in a debate, we are barraged with claims that Robert Kennedy Jr. is only popular because of his family name.

Painting Kennedy as a disgruntled scion of his family and distracting from the independent candidate’s challenges is a blatant manipulation of the public. The dirty tricksters generating a steady smokescreen of ridicule will not succeed.

Kennedy’s analysis is alarming only to those who are threatened by his contentions. The press and the public are beginning to recognize that the baseless accusations are designed to silence him. Anyone who listens carefully can bypass the propaganda.

Kennedy has not invoked his heritage as a ploy to attain the presidency. He refers to his forefathers relative to contemporary challenges, saying he is inspired to reignite their honorable ideological principles.

Beyond the fog of disingenuous campaigning, the final months before the election allow one to consider important policies and legislative initiatives. With a just, fair, and open forum, voters can make sound decisions based on direct information.

Kennedy has ideas that are worthy of consideration. Keeping him off the debate stage is a repressive maneuver revealed by the crudeness of dismissals and the sweeping generalizations about his character.

To demean Kennedy’s candidacy and exclude his views with a barrage of hostile name-calling and unfounded accusations — with implications of familial excommunication — is an insult to the electorate.

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