RFK Jr.’s Stance on the Border

By Sanna Hannele Voltti, The Kennedy Beacon “When I’m president,” candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said last June, after visiting the US-Mexico border, “I will secure the border which will end the cartel’s drug and trafficking economy. And I will build wide doors for those who wish to enter legally so that the United States can continue to be a beacon to the world where diversity and culture make us great.”

Kennedy Wants to Make America Healthy Again

“The path to recovering the robust health Americans enjoyed a couple generations ago does not lie in more medicine. It is food, a non-toxic environment, and lifestyle.” — Robert F. Kennedy Jr., on X By Anne Keala Kelly, The Kennedy Beacon Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the only candidate running for president talking non-stop on the subject of how unhealthy Americans are, and what needs to be done to turn that around. His goals for healthcare reform focus on dismantling the corporate capture of the Food and Drug Administration, which is a bit like going after both heads of a two-headed snake – Big Pharma and Big Agribusiness.

Bobby Was Right About the Origins of Covid-19

By Louis Conte, Headlines Editor, The Kennedy Beacon If you are going to ridicule someone for being a conspiracy theorist, you had better make sure the person is wrong about the conspiracy. Kennedy has been criticized for saying the COVID-19 pandemic was caused by a leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Kennedy was criticized for suggesting this even before his book