The Con Guy and the Gone Guy: What Some New Yorkers Thought of the Debate

The Con Guy and the Gone Guy: What Some New Yorkers Thought of the Debate
Louis Conte | June 30, 2024

By Louis Conte, Medical Freedom Reporter, The Kennedy Beacon

As is my habit, I went online to see the reactions to CNN’s pseudo-presidential debate on the day after the day after.

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Hey, it’s part of my job at The Kennedy Beacon and someone has to do this.

It’s one of the reasons that I no longer give career advice.

Ominously, as Brian Scwartz

Everyone knows that the Democrats need their donors. Without their big donors, the DNC would have to interact with regular Americans, and the party decided that was beneath them years ago.

Speaking of “regular Americans,” I came upon this video, from the Associated Press of all places, which showed Americans reacting to Biden’s and Trump’s presidential debate. This is what the common folk thought about what went down June 27 on CNN. Watch it to the end.

That made me think about those anonymous New York Democrats that I spoke to a few weeks ago when Kennedy submitted his signatures so he could qualify for the New York State ballot. As I explained in my earlier article, I have been around the New York State government for over forty years.

Once again, I do not give career advice.

Here are some more comments from anonymous New York State Democrats.

Finger Lakes Region Democrat: “Like I said last time, the party should have gone with Kennedy. I looked in on his debate thing with John Stossel and he was on point. He looked like a president. I know we’re all supposed to say he’s crazy because of his vaccine beliefs but look at what went down on CNN. Trump and Biden [were] the con-guy and the gone-guy.”

Hudson Valley Democrat: “Kennedy said that he is the bigger threat to the establishment than Bernie ever was [He was referring to this interview.] When you look at the other two men, you realize how much we need change. The parties are out of touch. Not only were they both bad, but no one addressed what is going on in the country.”

New York City Democrat: “It was the worst political event I’ve ever seen in my entire career. Your guy [Kennedy] would have dominated the debate. I could picture him duking it out with Trump…The party needs to do something.”

Capital Region Democrat: “I think our leadership should get on the phone with Kennedy’s people. You guys have volunteers on the ground. People who will knock on doors and talk it up. We don’t have that and now we won’t be able to get that.”

Long Island Democrat: “Like I said last time, the party needs to do something in Chicago [at the DNC convention]. There is no way to come back from this. Within a few minutes into this thing the president was done. Trump didn’t even do much. He just let Joe hang himself and told more lies. We’re screwed.”

Harlem Valley Democrat: “The party insiders have been lying to us. What are we doing? Can we trust the replacement those people pick? It’s time we just jump that sinking ship and vote for Kennedy. He’s a Kennedy.”

Southern tier Democrat: “I told you not to call me again.”

Me: “You texted me last night saying you were suicidal. I was concerned.”(I have known this fellow for twenty years).

Southern tier Democrat: “I sort of was, but I went to a bar in Binghamton and had a few.”

Me: “That’s not a good way to handle things.”

Southern tier Democrat: “You got a better way?”

Me: “Yeah. Watch Bobby’s solo debate. It’s online.”

Southern tier Democrat: “Don’t call me again.”

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