The Real Anthony Fauci, Revealed

The Real Anthony Fauci, Revealed
American Values 2024 | June 17, 2024

By Louis Conte, Health Freedom Correspondent, The Kennedy Beacon

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 2021

Now, three years later and after weeks of congressional hearings on COVID-19 origins and response, during which Fauci and his subordinates were confronted for lying to the public, lying to Congress, violating federal freedom of information laws and secretly promoting reckless gain-of-function research, the truth has come out.

Kennedy’s detailed masterpiece on Fauci’s corruption stands as a testament to truth in a time when incompetence, greed, and deception wounded America’s soul.

Kennedy was right about the real nature of Fauci, the personification of corporate capture.

Kennedy’s account of Fauci, his corrupt partnership with Bill Gates, and their plans to trample American freedoms remains the most important book of the decade. Dr. John Campbell notes the importance of Kennedy’s book in light of Fauci’s recent congressional testimony.

Kennedy exposes Fauci’s cunning in steering billions to Big Pharma to produce expensive but ineffective and dangerous drugs presented as cures. While thousands of members of the gay community were dying of AIDS in the 1980s, Fauci’s solution was AZT, a toxic drug that resulted in more deaths.

When presented with the COVID pandemic – which originated in a Chinese biolab performing experiments he funded – Fauci reused his AIDS script.

The nation was locked down and Americans were instructed to wait obediently for a vaccine that would miraculously return the country to normalcy. But like AZT, the mRNA vaccines are another expensive failure. There are now calls for the mRNA COVID vaccines to be pulled from the market due to safety issues.

Fauci manipulated President Trump into launching Operation Warp Speed and billions of taxpayer dollars were doled out to Big Pharma.

Fauci’s schemes have cost American taxpayers billions of dollars over the years. The results? More Americans suffer from chronic disease than at any time in history. His management of the COVID pandemic triggered the largest wealth transfer in the nation’s history. American workers lost $3.9 trillion. Billionaires gained $3.7 trillion.

Kennedy has described the pandemic as the coup de grace for the American middle class.

With power given to him by both President Trump and President Biden, Fauci’s public health allies launched attacks on doctors who used inexpensive, readily available drugs to treat COVID victims. In The Real Anthony Fauci, Kennedy reveals how doctors who treated COVID patients with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other inexpensive and effective medications were targeted. Fauci directed the public health establishment and his media allies to sanction, marginalize, and censor those who questioned his policies.

Fauci suppressed the lab origin theory by influencing his well-funded apparatchiks to publish a paper asserting that the virus jumped from animals to humans. No data exist to support this theory, according to former CDC director Robert Redfield. Even without evidence, the animal crossover theory was promoted by Fauci and his allies in the mainstream media. Those who expressed support for the lab origin theory were vilified as conspiracy theorists and censored.

Science be damned. Truth be damned.

Hardly anything Fauci did was based on science. The man who claimed to be the embodiment of science desecrated it.

Kennedy has been proven right about everything he asserted in The Real Anthony Fauci.

In their congressional testimony, Fauci, Dr. Peter Daszak, Dr. Lawrence Tabak, and Fauci’s assistant, Dr. David Morens, were exposed as incompetent, corrupt, and deceitful. Fauci’s staff violated freedom of information laws. For a man with four decades at the helm of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), it is obvious now that Fauci was a poor manager of staff but a fabulous rain maker for his agency. Royalties from the vaccines Fauci pushed rolled into the coffers of NIAID staff.

Fauci lied to Congress about funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, defying President Obama’s moratorium on the dangerous research. To avoid being caught in that lie, his agency changed the definition of gain-of-function hours before being questioned by Senator Rand Paul in Senate testimony in 2022.

It does not matter if Fauci’s decisions directly led to the coronavirus that killed one million Americans. But it is crystal clear that Fauci funded and supported gain-of-function research – or whatever Fauci calls it – and did nothing to manage the culture of arrogant recklessness that permeates the cadre of virologists and vaccinologists who “engineer enhanced” viruses that have the potential to wreck civilization.

Fauci was not interested in protecting public health. His goal was to enrich Big Pharma. Joe Rogan, having read The Real Anthony Fauci, points out that Fauci and his public health officials deliberately misled the public about COVID’s origin and mandates during the pandemic. U.S. Right to Know investigative reporter Emily Kopp described Fauci’s leadership during the COVID pandemic as the greatest public health failure in history. Kopp doggedly investigated the damage caused by Fauci while mainstream news outlets fawned over him. The DNC-aligned media continues to label anyone who questions Fauci and the federal government’s COVID dogma as “conspiracy theorists.”

There are calls for Fauci and his cronies to be prosecuted. If he ever is, so be it.

But something more than criminal proceedings against a few bad actors is required here. There is no sentence long enough to bring justice to someone who caused people to die or become severely injured; children who lost years of education; those who lost their livelihoods; those who continue to live with despair and depression and isolation; doctors who were sanctioned; and those who were censored for speaking out.

Neither President Biden nor former president Trump want to address their responsibility for failing to address the culture of corporate capture they both enabled, that is at the core of the COVID disaster.

Only Kennedy addresses the rot of corporate capture that is eating America from the inside.

Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci compels us to have open, public hearings run by American citizens – not by a bullshit battalion of government experts – on every aspect of the COVID catastrophe.

If we do not learn from what happened here, it will happen again.

[Louis Conte made minor editorial contributions to the book The Real Anthony Fauci and continues to freelance for Skyhorse Publishing, which published the book.]

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