Will CNN’s Illegitimate Presidential Debate Be Brought to You by Pfizer?

Will CNN’s Illegitimate Presidential Debate Be Brought to You by Pfizer?
Louis Conte | June 21, 2024

By Louis Conte, Health Freedom Correspondent, The Kennedy Beacon

On June 27, President Biden and former president Trump will sit in an empty CNN studio and field questions from CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

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The debate will focus on a narrow band of predictable issues and things the two candidates do.

Will Trump say something crazy?

Will Biden wander off into the wings?

That is pretty much all you can expect from CNN on June 27.

As America knows by now, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not be there. CNN denied Kennedy’s admission to the debate because he “failed” to meet qualification criteria they determined while colluding with the Biden and Trump campaigns. Biden and Trump are allowed in because they are “presumptive nominees” – a term the Federal Election Commission (FEC) said is not a valid debate criterion under the commission’s rules.

CNN’s deadline for Kennedy to meet the qualification criteria was 12:01 a.m. on June 20.


One can easily imagine poor Tapper’s head exploding when Kennedy says things like this:

President Trump and President Biden don’t agree on much, but they do agree on excluding me from the debate stage. They’ve colluded with CNN to rig the debate rules and block my participation so they don’t have to answer tough questions about the lockdowns, the $34 trillion national debt, the chronic disease epidemic, or the toxic polarization that drives their campaigns.

Both former presidents are making a mockery of democracy, but I’m never going to back down. To blast my campaign’s message through the censorship complex, I need your help, so please donate to my campaign today.

The FEC is composed of three Democrats and three Republicans and exactly zero independents. So far, the FEC is sitting on their hands and allowing this “presidential debate” to move ahead.

Kennedy calls his exclusion from the debate “undemocratic, un-American, and cowardly” and asserts that CNN is rolling the dice on possible federal election law felony charges.

One assumes that CNN hopes that Biden’s Department of Justice (or a DOJ in a future Trump administration) will just look the other way.

What are a few felonies between friends?

CNN colluded with the Biden and Trump campaigns and now risks violating federal election laws to make sure that Kennedy was never allowed anywhere near this oddly intimate “presidential debate.”

That’s because looming in the darkness somewhere behind Tapper and Bash will be the sinister presence of Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, one of CNN’s biggest advertisers.

Bourla is sort of like Big Pharma’s Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the James Bond villain (featured often caressing a cat), who leads the secret criminal organization Spectre.

I did some “googling” and found no occasion where CNN posted a negative story about Pfizer, vaccine controversies, or pharmaceutical industry corruption. I found that CNN did lots of puffball interviews with Anthony Fauci.

CNN did not report on this recent news about Pfizer.

CNN did have one noteworthy article on Albert Bourla.

Echoing Fauci, Bourla has let it be known that he believes that Kennedy has perpetrated an “Assault on Science.” Bourla has called Kennedy a criminal, which is kind of a ballsy thing to say given Pfizer’s long history of fraud. One can assume that Bourla is not inviting Kennedy to this year’s Pfizer holiday party at the company’s biolab and vaccine plant in Pearl River, New York.

Given what we now know about Pfizer’s history and those biolab-leak “conspiracy theories” that Kennedy was right about, how do you feel about Pfizer tinkering with microbes in the middle of the 19 million people who live in the New York metropolitan area?

What could go wrong?

How much does Pfizer kick in to CNN’s coffers? That information is not known, but we do know that Pfizer spent $3.7 billion on advertising in 2023. A good chunk of that magic money went to CNN, as this montage demonstrates. Last year, Pfizer was the biggest drug spender at the Oscars. It has been noted in alternative media that Pfizer Apparently Sponsors Everything on Mainstream Media.

Pfizer dominated the Oscars. Why not a presidential debate?

Breaking with presidential debate history, CNN will run commercials during the June 27 debate. Why not? CNN’s ratings have been awful. CNN needs a payday.

As CNN’s camera turns to Tapper and Bash, will we hear an introduction to the debate coverage that goes “Tonight’s presidential debate is brought to you by Pfizer”?

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