All Americans deserve economic prosperity and equality of opportunity. Young people need accessible housing, employment and financial stability to shape their futures. RFK Jr. will implement tax-free, 3% government-backed mortgage bonds to lower housing costs, expand access to free childcare programs and offer interest-free loans to empower young Americans to thrive economically and pursue their dreams with fewer barriers. The recovery effort from the inflation disaster and these programs will be financed by reallocating spending from trillions in unnecessary wars and reducing the Federal Reserve’s printing of billions of dollars.
RFK Jr. values environmental stewardship and believes that all Americans deserve a sustainable and healthy planet. “You show me a polluter, I’ll show you a fat cat using political clout to escape the discipline of the free market.” The people who use these resources — and not just tree-huggers — are the active stewards who are the best protectors of our sacred environment. He will remove corporate subsidies, implement taxes, invest in renewable energy infrastructure and promote conservation efforts to protect guaranteed access to clean food, water and air for all Americans.
The military-industrial complex, a network of individuals and institutions involved in the production of weapons and military technologies, has had an undue influence in shaping government war policy for their financial gain. This has been disastrous for our country. RFK Jr. will prioritize peace over war, recognizing that our global military expenditures and posturing can breed danger. He intends to halve the military budget, aligning it with the inflation-adjusted projected budget that General Eisenhower deemed necessary for national defense when he was president from 1952 to 1961. For example, Kennedy aims to achieve this goal by spearheading negotiations for a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. This entails ceasing financial support for Ukraine and redirecting resources to support key allies dedicated to peace initiatives. By ending the indirect conflict with Russia and bolstering allies committed to peace, Kennedy seeks to negotiate a lasting resolution to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
While RFK Jr. believes every abortion is a tragedy, he is also a staunch defender of bodily autonomy and not letting the government have a say in what we choose to do with our bodies. That being said, 85% of abortions in this country are among Black women. Whereas abortion clinics are in Black neighborhoods, fertility clinics are in white neighborhoods. Kennedy will make the economic conditions more fair by ensuring spending is allocated so that no woman is forced to have an abortion because they cannot afford to raise the child. He will simultaneously continue to protect the right to personal bodily autonomy until the fetus is viable outside of the womb, at which point the state has an interest in protecting it.
RFK Jr. values a secure and orderly border while upholding humanitarian principles. He believes that all individuals, regardless of their origin, deserve safety and dignity and that a well-managed border is essential for both national security and compassionate treatment of migrants. Kennedy plans to enhance border security by employing a blend of technology, physical barriers and personnel to thwart illegal crossings. He aims to revamp the asylum processing system to ensure equitable and prompt adjudication of claims, while discouraging fraudulent or non-compliant applications. Additionally, he proposes conducting processing in Mexico before migrants arrive in the United States. Kennedy also intends to work closely with Mexico and other pertinent nations to tackle the underlying causes of migration, including issues like cartel activity, poverty, violence and limited economic opportunities.