Is Big Pharma Really in Trouble? Not Likely.

Is Big Pharma Really in Trouble? Not Likely.
Louis Conte | April 29, 2024

By Louis Conte, Headlines Editor, The Kennedy Beacon

Two recent articles in Barrons paint Pfizer as a victim, receiving a bum deal under federal patent laws. The first article, published in early April – titled “

And Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla isn’t persuading us otherwise. He tells Barron’s that in 2023 Pfizer shares “went down because we missed our internal projections, and our external projections…. We had a very bad year.” The article continues, “Pfizer was particularly wrong about demand for its Covid-19 products, namely its Comirnaty vaccine and its Paxlovid antiviral.”

Bourla bet the house on Pfizer’s Covid pharmaceuticals. Barron’s describes Pfizer’s Covid vaccine as “world saving.” Although Bourla made Pfizer a fortune in 2021 and 2022, in 2023, the market for Pfizer’s Covid vaccine and Covid treatment drug Paxlovid collapsed.


It seems that the American people did not share Barrons view that Pfizer’s Covid vaccine was “world saving.” In fact, for thousands, mRNA Covid vaccines may have been life ending.

There is mounting evidence that the Covid mRNA vaccines may be the driving force behind the disturbing rise in excess deaths in working aged people, as Dr. John Campbell explains on his podcast in the episode entitled, “Japan data.” The Covid vaccines are also implicated in the rise of cardiac illnesses, including the dramatic increase in myocarditis that Dr. Peter McCullough explained on Ask Dr. Drew. Further, the mRNA vaccines may also be a significant driver in the dramatic increase in cancer, again in young adults, as Dr. Pierre Kory and Mary Beth Pfeiffer recently published in the Washington Times.

Dr. Peter McCullough has called out both President Biden and former president Trump for vaccine injuries and deaths, stating, “Our two major presidential candidates are the same on this issue. They are completely, willfully blind to what’s happened to Americans. They’re focused on other issues outside of health, welfare, and actually the survival of their own people. The same is true worldwide….[vaccine deaths] are grossly underreported, probably thirty to one. That means the total number of Americans who likely have passed away from the vaccine is about 550,000.”

Matt Taibbi at Racket News recently reported one doctor’s concerns about Pfizer’s popular, expensive drug, Paxlovid, which was pushed by the Biden administration, while an inexpensive, safe and readily available drug ivermectin was described by the FDA as a “horse dewormer.” The FDA recently settled a lawsuit in which the federal agency admitted that it overstepped its authority in condemning ivermectin on social media.

Kennedy noted that the lawsuit settlement is yet another example of corporate capture, saying, “Ivermectin is not an exceptional case. The FDA is biased against low-cost, generic, and/or natural therapies with low profit potential. Could it be because half its funding comes from Big Pharma?”

Pfizer is the evil poster child of corporate capture.

Kennedy stated recently on X, “As President, I will clean up the cesspool of corruption at CDC and force the public health agencies to come clean about Covid vaccines. I’ll hold responsible those who lied or concealed critical health information, including the crooked individual who ordered the destruction of this myocarditis data.”

In November 2021, a whistleblower revealed data integrity issues in Pfizer’s Covid vaccine trials, and on more than one occasion Kennedy has correctly noted that Pfizer is a “corporate felon” with a history of illegal conduct as reported by the FBI and The Financial Times.

Pfizer has been caught breaking the law so frequently that the company is trying, as reported by Lee Fang in The Intercept, “to block legislation that would make it easier for whistleblowers to hold companies liable for corporate fraud.”

The DNC-aligned mainstream media denigrated every off-label treatment against Covid, ensuring that only the new and expensive, “blockbuster drugs” – which Pfizer paid them to advertise – were promoted. Could it be that the Pfizer advertising dollars influenced the coverage of ivermectin on CNN, MSNBC, and other DNC-aligned media outlets?

The pro-vaccine media, a significant player in what I call the “Vaxist Cult,” has likely contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Americans are not lining up for Covid boosters because they know that a vaccine you have to take every three months is a vaccine that does not work.

And, tragically, too many Americans know family and friends who have died suddenly, become disabled or who are now fighting for their lives against rapidly metastasizing cancers.

Perhaps Pfizer is not as good at corporate capture as they used to be, despite investing millions on congressional lobbying and donations to the DNC, as reported by OpenSecrets.

Americans are beginning to realize that, despite being called an anti-vaxxer and a conspiracy theorist by paranoid Democrats and the legacy media (which promotes the Vaxist agenda), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is right. Adverse reactions caused by the mRNA vaccines are real and so is the deadly influence of corporate capture.

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