Kennedy Takes on CNN’s Erin Burnett – and President Biden

Kennedy Takes on CNN’s Erin Burnett – and President Biden
American Values 2024 | April 2, 2024

By Louis Conte, Headlines Editor, The Kennedy Beacon

On April 1, CNN’s Erin Burnett

Burnett repeatedly tried to insinuate that a vote for Kennedy is a vote for Trump, whom she regards as a threat to democracy. Kennedy countered that he could argue that “Biden is a much worse threat to democracy,” as he has engaged a massive censorship apparatus against his political adversaries and also weaponized federal agencies to go after his opponents.

“Biden is the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech,” Kennedy told Burnett.

Kennedy also said that, while he was not going to defend President Trump, paper ballots should be required in all elections and we need to be able to ask for recounts to protect democracy.

Another CNN anchor – Jake Tapper – previously described Kennedy as misleading the public about Big Pharma’s influence on network news, and he would never allow Kennedy on CNN. Rumor is that Tapper’s head exploded somewhere near the staff cafeteria late yesterday afternoon, shortly after Kennedy’s interview.

We wish Mr. Tapper a speedy recovery and are comforted by the knowledge that CNN advertises a drug for that very condition every 15 minutes.

Kennedy made his case for why the nation needs a choice other than President Biden and former President Trump. He pointed out that Trump and Biden helped run up the national debt to $34 trillion, under their respective watch, contributing more than all previous presidents combined.

Kennedy also told Burnett that 57% of the people in the US can not place their hands on $1,000.00 in cash for an emergency; that our youth are inheriting an economy with fewer and fewer opportunities; and that they see no pathway to home ownership or a piece of the American dream. He promised to end the forever wars and restore America’s international prestige through economic power and moral leadership.

Kennedy highlighted the crisis of chronic disease in America and asked, “How come neither candidate talks about that?” Kennedy noted the federal government is spending $4.3 trillion per year – five times the outrageous military budget – on the chronic disease epidemic, and this is all the result of corporate capture of our political institutions. “If you vote for President Trump or President Biden – they both had their chance – you’re going to get more of the same.”

Burnett quoted DNC operative Lis Smith, who stated that Kennedy picked his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, because of her financial resources.

Kennedy fired back that Shanahan is an exceptional, successful person who can lead the nation through the process of making Artificial Intelligence (AI) a useful and non-oppressive tool. (Isn’t it interesting that the DNC has shady operatives like Smith to interpret Kennedy’s VP choice for us, and yet they have no operatives to create opportunities for young Americans.)

Perhaps CNN can no longer ignore Kennedy’s surging popularity, or perhaps his absence from CNN was feeding the narrative that CNN is “Biden’s network.” Nonetheless, this is progress. I commend CNN and Ms. Burnett for finally having Kennedy on.

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