Kennedy Was Right: Fauci, the Media, and the Corrupt and Captured Public Health Establishment

Kennedy Was Right: Fauci, the Media, and the Corrupt and Captured Public Health Establishment
Louis Conte | June 4, 2024

By Louis Conte, Chief Health Freedom Correspondent, The Kennedy Beacon

In the United Kingdom today, The Telegraph

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had warned about public health corruption long before he exposed it in his best sellers The Real Anthony Fauci and The Wuhan Cover-Up. He has repeatedly spoken out about how our public health establishment is captured by the pharmaceutical industry it is supposed to regulate. Instead of protecting the health of Americans, he has argued, public health works with Big Pharma to serve up opportunities for new, profitable medicines that enrich the companies.

Prior to Fauci’s evasive, often combative, testimony before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on June 3, the New York Post reported that National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists made $710 million in royalties during the height of the pandemic – late 2021 through 2023. The Post noted that NIH attempted to keep the royalties hidden from the public even though federal employees are permitted, under the Bayh-Dole Act, to legally receive royalty payments.

Fauci insisted during his testimony that he did not receive royalty payments.

The other story of note on the morning of Fauci’s testimony was that the Times, after nearly four years of calling claims that the novel coronavirus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology a “conspiracy theory,” released an article explaining that COVID likely did come from the Wuhan lab.

Was the Times issuing a Nixon-like limited hangout (partial admission of guilt) to soften Fauci’s testimony?

The Times has a long history of portraying Fauci in a positive light, as the point person on the pandemic. In September 2021, for example, they ran a glowing piece entitled “Dr. Fauci, Movie Star.”

But the Times’ relationship with Fauci and his cohorts is more complex than their typically fawning articles would suggest.

On February 27, 2020, as the virus was just beginning to spread, the Times went all in with team Fauci/Daszak, publishing an editorial by Peter Daszak admitting that “we knew disease X was coming.” It appeared 26 days after Fauci, NIH director Francis Collins, and Wellcome Trust director Jeremy Farrar were conferencing about suppressing the idea that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute. Robert Redfield, CDC director at the time and a critic of gain-of-function research, was excluded from that call.

The timing of the Times’ Daszak editorial is curious, and Substack author Debbie Lerman notes that it has since been buried by the Times and can be found only by searching for the exact title.

In the editorial, Daszak stated ominously that the world needs to prepare for an “Age of Pandemics” because “plagues are not only part of our culture; they are caused by it.”

Although human-animal interactions have triggered epidemics in the past, what triggered this one was a culture of arrogance that Daszak and a few others in the scientific elite share.

Daszak failed to mention the Wuhan Institute in his editorial, or his role in funneling US taxpayer dollars to it under Fauci’s auspices. He also failed to mention that his company, EcoHealth Alliance, was partnering with the Wuhan lab, which was conducting dangerous experiments with coronaviruses to make them lethal to humans, as NIH principal deputy director Lawrence Tabak finally admitted in May 2024.

Why would you give money to a Chinese government-run lab to make viruses more lethal?

This type of research is generally known as gain-of-function, but Fauci and Daszak claim that it is not that – because they developed their own definition. Fauci engaged in what I call “tactical definition substitution.”

Daszak’s Times editorial did not explore the long history of bio-lab leaks, as Dr. James Lyons-Weiler illuminates in his Substack newsletter.

The culture of arrogance that triggered the COVID pandemic has been on display during the congressional testimony of Fauci, Daszak, and other NIH officials during the congressional hearings. Fauci allowed that culture to fester in the halls of the NIH and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for 40 years. Millions of dollars are given away to “grantees” who are pals with agency insiders, with little or no monitoring. Elite experts, removed from the scrutiny of the public and Congress, decide with no accountability to engage in experiments that no rational person would want to fund.

Fauci testified that, although he held daily staff meetings and weekly team meetings, he still had no idea that Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance was two years late with important reports.

How could America’s leading public health official allow this to happen on his watch?

Fauci’s NIAID employees were trained in how to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests by intentionally misspelling keywords, to hide information the agency was obliged by law to provide. In other words, “Oh, you want information on gain-of-function research? Well, we don’t have that because we only do gain-of-funkshun research.”

Kennedy commented on X: “This admission of utter contempt in the NIH for democratic oversight shocked even me.”

Contempt and arrogance raging.

Fauci denied that he influenced the scientists who published the now infamous proximal origins paper. He denied excluding then CDC director Redfield from the call that led to the paper’s publication – “because it wasn’t my meeting,” he said. He denied any involvement in suppressing the lab origin theory.

Did the hearings prove that Fauci is solely responsible for causing the COVID pandemic? No. But they did verify what Kennedy has been asserting all along: our public health establishment has been captured and corrupted. The result is one million dead Americans, killed by the countermeasures if not by the virus. Thousands lost their jobs, businesses, or careers, and too many to count were severely injured or killed by the vaccine, as even the Times has started to admit.

Those, like Kennedy, who asked questions were censored for doing so. People were forced to take vaccines that did not work as advertised.

Kennedy proposes radical reformation of the public health establishment, pivoting from developing new, lucrative pharmaceuticals that only treat symptoms to searching for cures for chronic illness and infectious diseases.

The Washington Post, as one might expect, downplayed the hearings but accurately noted that both the Biden and Trump campaigns have no intention of exploring COVID pandemic issues in the future.

Biden and Trump want to move on. If there is another lab leak and another pandemic, they will both allow the same people who enabled it to tell us all how to deal with it, again.

Only Kennedy plans to end the corruption and the culture of arrogance that really caused the COVID pandemic.

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